No Shows / Cancellations

Last Updated 5 months ago

In order to bill for no shows or paid bookings, it is recommended to put them on the sandbox first and then to bill them there.

Since connected Channel Manager reports all availabilities visible in the booking plan directly to the booking portals and billed bookings can no longer be postponed, a paid-up and billed booking will otherwise block the room.

Note: If you would like to charge chargeable cancellations as VAT-exempt compensation, please click on this link. However, if you want to charge cancellations as regular sales, please follow the description here:

As a rule, discount for saved expenses is granted, you can set the desired discount in the room detail view.


In order to indicate the cancellation costs on the invoice, a corresponding text can be added in the invoice preview via the field "Adapt text". B. "according to our cancellation conditions, we allow


us subsequent costs ...".

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