How can I create VAT-free cancellation invoices?

Last Updated 5 months ago

If a guest reserves a room and cancels after the cancellation deadline, there is damage, but there is no exchange of services. It is then a question of genuine, non-taxable compensation, the cancellation costs are then to be invoiced without sales tax. When creating a cancellation invoice, make sure that no VAT is shown.

Please note that it may In individual cases, the exact design of your general terms and conditions may be important. Whether cancellation costs are non-taxable damages or sales subject to VAT. Please discuss this with your tax advisor. The following instructions do not constitute tax advice.

Please first create a new service "Cancellation costs" with VAT rate 0% under "Settings". If you use the DATEV interface, please maintain the booking account for "received damages" here.


How to invoice cancellation fees as compensation:

1. Book the "cancellation costs" service on the reservation and change the price of the service to the cancellation costs to be calculated.

2. Set the room price of the room concerned to 0, -


Note: if you work with all-inclusive prices, i.e. include additional services in the room price, included
services must also be set to 0, or canceled completely from the room price!


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