II. The Online Check-In module

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With online check-in, you give your guests the opportunity to check in online and contactless before their arrival. In addition to the automatic generation of registration forms, an optional payment step can be activated in online check-in to give your guests the opportunity to pay for their stay before arrival by VISA, Mastercard, Giropay and the two wallets Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The invitation to check-in online is sent automatically by email at a specified time before arrival.

Online check-in is intuitive & multilingual and can be completed with just a few clicks.


If you have activated the online check-in module, an additional area appears in the reservation view. The online check-in can be used alone or in combination with the self checkout module:


In the reservation view, online check-in can be deactivated for each reservation if required, and different payment settings can be selected (if you have activated the payment function in the online check-in settings).


After online check-in, a registration form is generated and stored as a PDF in the reservation under "Documents".


By default, registration forms generated via online check-in are automatically deleted 365 days after creation. The retention period can be extended if necessary under Settings > Guests > Data protection settings > "Storage period for digital registration form".
Please note the legal regulations in your country for storing registration forms (currently 1 year in Germany).

Reservations checked in via online check-in are marked in the occupancy plan and in the quick check-in with a blue bar (or in the color of the "Check-in" status if the color key is adjusted):



Quick Check-in:


Seamless integration with Self Checkout:
If you have activated the payment function in the online check-in settings, online check-in works seamlessly with self checkout: if your guest has already made a payment during online check-in, self checkout can be completed with just one click.
If there is an open amount during the self checkout, the guest will be asked to pay the open amount online in the self checkout in order to complete the self checkout.

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