II. The Online Check-In module - how do I set it up?

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To configure online check-in, open the settings under Settings > Online Check-In.

1. Activation of the online check-in module
Activate the online check-in module for your account by switching the slider at the top of the page to "ON".

2. Layout settings
Adapt the appearance of the online check-in to your website or your corporate identity:


3. General settings
Make the general settings according to your preferences.

4.Additional confirmation step (optional)
In this area you have the option of activating an additional confirmation step:


5. Payment step (optional)
With the latest update it is now possible to activate a payment step. In order to activate the payment step, the 3RPMS® Stripe interface must be activated and 3RPMS® must be linked to your Stripe account.

You can globally set the payment step to disabled, optional, or mandatory. Regardless of the selection made here, you can use different settings in the reservation view for each reservation if required:


6. Mailing settings
In the mailing settings, select the email template for the invitation to check-in online and when the invitation should be sent to the guest.


TIP: We recommend sending the invitation to the online check-in around noon the day before your arrival in order to achieve the highest possible completion rate.

To automatically generate a template, click on the "Generate default template" link. You can customize the template generated under Settings > Email Settings > Email Templates.

After selecting the email template to be sent and choosing the time, set the slider on the right side to "ON" to activate the automatic sending of the invitation to the online check-in.

7. Entering the URL for your imprint and your privacy policy
Under Settings > Guests > Data protection settings you can enter the URL for your imprint as well as the URL for your data protection declaration:


As soon as the two URLs have been entered, the links appear in the lower area of the online check-in sidebar:


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