How can I check whether all bookings have been settled / how do I find bookings that have not been settled?

Last Updated 5 months ago

3RPMS® supports you with two functions to ensure that all reservations are settled and no reservations are overlooked during invoicing:

a) View in the occupancy plan
Only when all positions in a reservation have been fully billed will the booking be displayed in the "billed" status after the checkout has been completed.


Are there any positions that have not yet been settled, e.g. For example, because a room or a service has not yet been billed, or because a service was subsequently booked, the booking remains in the "checked out" status.


You can also find detailed information on the status system by clicking on this link.

b) "Open reservations" list under "Finance"
The "Open reservations" list under the "Finance" menu item shows all reservations whose departure date is in the past and which have not yet been fully settled.

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