About the status colors

Last Updated 5 months ago

Each status / color in the allocation plan represents a specific state of a reservation.


For some states, several conditions must be met for it to be present:

Option (expired):
The "Option (expired)" status is displayed when a room has been set to "Option" AND the option date set in the reservation has been reached or exceeded.
In addition to the color change in the allocation plan, expired options are also displayed in the dashboard.

checked out:
A room will be marked as "checked out" once you have checked out AND still have items (other rooms or services) that have not been invoiced within the reservation to which the room belongs.
Ie. the status "checked out" means that you should look at the booking again, as not all positions have been settled yet.

The status "billed" will be displayed when the room has been checked out AND all items in the associated booking have been fully invoiced.

If you add new rooms and / or services to a booking marked as "billed", the booking will be returned to the "checked out" status until the remaining vacancy has been invoiced.

If a booking is settled before arrival or before check-out, this will be indicated by a bar at the end of the booking:


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