How does the booked turnover differ from the invoiced sales?

Last Updated 5 months ago

The booked turnover is added to the booked period of the day, the invoiced sales is the sum of all invoices of the selected period.


In the example, a booked turnover results for each booked day of 100, - €, thus in the month of November 400, - €, in December 300, - €.

Will the booking on departure on 04.12. billed results in a billed sales on 04.12. - in the month of December - from 700, - €.

Benefits are calculated according to the same scheme in the statistics: time-based services (per night, per person / night) are added to the booked period, not time-based services (per person, per piece, flat rate) are added to the posting date, ie the posting day, slammed shut.

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