What's the difference between room-based and occupancy-based room rates?

Last Updated 4 months ago

Room-based room rates:


The price is quoted per room, excluding the number of people in this room. The same price applies to one or more people staying in the room.

Occupancy based room rates:


The price is calculated based on the number of people in the room.

Starting from the price for the standard occupancy, you can define surcharges / discounts in the category settings to have the prices for the alternative occupancy types calculated automatically.

In the example, based on the standard occupancy of 2 persons, a discount of 10% (+ rounding off to the full €) was defined for the single occupancy, as well as a surcharge of 10% (without rounding) for the occupancy of 3 persons.

Automatically calculated prices are displayed in light gray:


In addition, you can manually overwrite the automatically calculated prices, if necessary. For example, if you want to award a double room at a DZ price during a trade fair. Manually entered prices are displayed in black:


In order to delete manually entered prices and again to use the prices calculated on the basis of the deposited surcharges / deductions, remove the prices from the fields and click on "save".

For longer periods, manual prices can also be deleted via the completion help:


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