The new DSGVO-compliant registration form

Last Updated 5 years ago
The GDPR requires a separate approval for each processing activity. Ie. from an online booking, in which the guest specifies his email address, no further consent, eg. B. for sending the hotel newsletter or birthday greetings, can be derived.

Furthermore, the guest must be fully informed and informed about his rights.

In order to make the work for the implementation of the GDPR as easy as possible, we have created a registration form, in which you can query not only the query of the usual data according to the Federal Registration Act but also further, voluntary consents and inform the guest at the same time about the data storage and enlighten.

In the upper part, the data are requested according to the Federal Law on Registration:

Note: Since the introduction of DSGVO business travelers are no longer required to provide their home address. The company address is sufficient. Of course, your guest can voluntarily specify his
home address.

In the lower part of the registration form the voluntary consents are requested:

The guest's consent can be stored in the guest master data.

On the second or the back, the guest is informed about the legal basis of the data collection:

We recommend that you activate the "two-sided printing" or "duplex printing" function in your local print settings.

Since registration forms have to be destroyed after one year according to the Federal Registration Act, but at the same time data protection approvals have to be documented, there is a dividing line between the upper and lower part:

The lower part can easily be separated at the dividing line and archived separately. In order to facilitate your archiving, the reservation number is printed with:

In order to activate the new DSGVO-compliant registration form, please open Settings > Basic Settings and select under Registration template: "DSGVO registration form 2018“.

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