Create new service

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Under Settings> Services click on the button "Create service".


Name: the internal name of the service. Keep the name as short as possible. The name is not visible to customers.

Templates & Descriptions text: the text used on email templates and invoices. Be sure to save the text in multiple languages.

Unit: the following units are available: per piece, flat rate, per person, per person / night, and per night.

VAT rate: select the applicable VAT rate of the service.

Show performance on the following lists: Lists can only show time-based services - per night or per person / night.

Belongs to the statistics group: have the power of a statistics group to differentiate your statistics. Since statistics are recalculated with each call, the statistics group can also be changed at any time afterwards.

Posting account: enter the appropriate posting account for the Datev export here (only visible if the Datev interface is activated).

After clicking on "continue" you can deposit the prices for the service.

Once you've finished setting up the power, you'll assign the performance to a tile. Here you can find out how:

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