Establishment of eStatistics .core interface

Last Updated a year ago
Please open the settings under: Settings> eSTATISTICS .core.

ID and password:
Obtain after registration by the Federal Statistical Office. If you have several companies, you can use the same access data for all farms.

ID number:
You will receive the ID number from the responsible State Statistics Office, which has asked you to submit the statistics. If you have already used the IDEV procedure, you will find the ID number on the letter with the IDEV access data.

Please note: the IDEV credentials can not be used for the core process.

The state in which the reportable business is located.

send as / sender information:
Please enter here the name or the company name as well as the address and contact details of the reportable company.

After entering and saving all data, it is recommended to first set the slider "Mark data as test data" to "On" and to send the data for a random month in the past to test the access data. Data marked as test data will not be further processed by the Federal Statistical Office.

If you receive the error message "Broken XML received" when sending the test message, then your credentials are incorrect. Please double-check the credentials again.

After a successful test, you can set the slider "Mark data as test data" to „Off".

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