Create monthly export for your accountant

Last Updated 3 months ago

You can create the monthly export for your tax advisor under Finances> Datev export.

Please select the beginning and the end of the period to be exported and the type of export and then click on "export".


A ZIP file is created with all the necessary data. Then send the file e.g. B. by email to your tax advisor. As an alternative, some tax consultants also provide an upload option.

The following options are therefore available:

1. Billing information only
Posting batch with all invoice data for the selected period

2. Invoice data and incoming payments
Posting batch with all invoice data and incoming payments for the selected period

3. Invoice data, incoming payments and cash book
Posting batch with all invoice data, incoming payments and cash book for the selected period

Optional: add receipt images of the outgoing invoices
If you select this option, in addition to the pre-assigned posting batch, the document images (PDF) including the associated structural information of all invoices created in the selected period are added to the export. Please note that the file size is significantly larger in this case.
Your tax advisor can give you information as to whether he can process the document images during import.

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