Sale of Vouchers

Last Updated 3 months ago

To sell vouchers, you first need to perform a service, eg. B. "coupon sale" created.


If you are using the Datev interface, enter the account for "Liabilities from coupons" (1604 in SKR 03 or 3304 in SKR 04) as the posting account.

As vouchers are tax-deductible for a cash exchange, voucher sales can usually be made with a VAT rate of 0%. Please note that we can not take any tax advice, and it depends in detail on the exact design. Please discuss this with your tax advisor.

As soon as the service has been created, you can start to sell the coupons. In order to invoice a voucher, it is advisable to create a new reservation via the menu item "Reservation".
Then you add the service "Voucher sale" with the desired amount of voucher and invoice the booking.

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