Create a credit note

Last Updated 2 months ago

With a credit note, you can correct an invoice or part of an invoice that has already been paid in 3RPMS® and refund the resulting credit to your guest.

If you have not yet received payment or a down payment has been offset in an invoice, the credit note function is not available. In these cases, please cancel the original invoice. The corresponding reservation can then be edited again and you can make the necessary changes and then issue a new invoice.

To create a credit note, please open the invoice archive. Under the three points you will find the menu item "Credit note".


You then select the items you wish to credit and the payment method you wish to use to refund the resulting credit to the guest:


You can credit all items of an invoice, individual items or only parts of an invoice item. Once an item has been credited in full, it can be edited again in the corresponding reservation and cancelled or changed there.

Then click on "Preview credit note" to check the credit note again and then create it.

Note: if you select a refund by bank transfer, the refund (=negative payment) must subsequently be removed from the open payments under Finances > Open payments.

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