Difference status offer and option

Last Updated 6 years ago
Offers are a preliminary to a reservation.
Since not every offer sent usually leads to a successful reservation, offers in 3RPMS® are non-binding. In other words, offers do not reduce availability when the channel manager is connected.

If you prefer to block a room until the guest answers, please use the "Option" feature.

Options are in 3RPMS®, in simple terms, reservations with a defined expiration date.
After the option date has expired, the color of an option in the allocation plan changes to "Option expired". The option can then optionally be extended by setting a later expiration date, or you can cancel the option.
Unlike offers, options reduce availabilities, ie. H. Optional rooms can not be booked on connected booking portals.

In Settings > Dashboard, you can enable the display of expired options in the Dashboard,

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