Working with contingent bookings

Last Updated 5 months ago

Contingent bookings are bookings in which rooms are reserved (optioned) in advance, from which participants in a group can subsequently request rooms.

In many cases, special conditions for participants are agreed for contingent bookings. Rooms not called up from the pre-reserved contingent are usually put back on sale on a fixed date.

Contingent bookings in 3RPMS® work as follows:

1. create allotment

Enter the desired contingent booking as an option. Enter the date on which the unclaimed allotment is to be put back on sale as the expiration date.


2. retrieve rooms

As soon as participants wish to retrieve rooms, select the desired rooms and any additional services booked and then click on "rebook" > "new reservation".


In the following window, select "New guest" and enter the details of the participant to whom the called room(s) should be booked.

By confirming with the "Create" button, the selected rooms and services are removed from the contingent booking and moved to a separate booking. You can then send a booking confirmation for the booking.

3. release unclaimed rooms from the contingent

3RPMS® reminds you of the expired contingent booking on the selected key date in the dashboard. Open the booking by clicking on the booking number.


You can then release the unclaimed rooms by canceling the booking.


The blocked rooms will be immediately reactivated for online sales.

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