ℹ️ Update Channel Manager Interface - Automatic Processing of Modifications and Cancellations

Last Updated 3 months ago

By default, automatic processing of modifications and cancellations is automatically enabled.

If automatic processing was previously deactivated for your company, you can activate processing under Settings > Channel Manager > Channel Manager Settings:


To learn more about how 3RPMS processes modifications and cancellations please read the following informations:

When processing cancellations, no check is made as to whether a cancellation can be made free of charge or for a fee. Most booking portals such as booking.com, Expedia, etc. allow the cancellation only insofar as a booking can be canceled free of charge. With a few portals such as HRS but also some channelmanger IBE's, however, no check takes place. Please note that these bookings are also automatically canceled.

As soon as you activate "Process modifications automatically", incoming modifications will be processed automatically. For technical reasons, only modifications for bookings posted after the update, i.e. after 27.06.2022, can be processed automatically.

For both cancellations and modifications, there are some special cases where processing is not automated because the change contradicts logical rules in 3RPMS®.

In these cases, a message appears in the "Reservations" menu item as well as in the corresponding reservation itself, with a brief explanation of the conflict:



In this case, please resolve the conflict manually and then confirm the message with "Mark as resolved".
If a conflict once existed for a reservation, the yellow button remains visible in the booking even after the conflict has been resolved and the message can be viewed subsequently or even set back to "Unresolved" if required:


For better visibility, a new message is also displayed in the main menu under the "Reservations" menu item:


Some Possible scenarios where automated processing is not performed and a message appears:

  • Cancellations will be rejected if a booking or parts of it have already been settled
  • Modifications will be rejected if the arrival date changes but the corresponding room has already been checked in
  • Modifications will be rejected if the change results in a room change, but the room has already been checked in or a room request has been set for the room
  • One modification concerns a booking made before the update

Note for SiteMinder and Hotel Spider users:
With SiteMinder and Hotel-Spider it is necessary for some hotels to activate the sending of modifications and cancellations to 3RPMS® separately. In this case, please contact the support of your channel manager to have the transmission activated.

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