How does the new maidConnect work?

Last Updated 4 months ago

After opening the app an overview of the current days tasks is being displayed:


The displayed cleaning status is automatically synchronized with the cleaning status indicated in the 3RPMS® calendar.

In the bottom menu you may switch to alternative views, eg. to display instead of the to be cleaned the already cleaned rooms, all rooms (independent from cleaning status) or rooms which have a reported issue.

Rooms are automatically set to "dirty" once a check-in is being performed in 3RPMS®. For stayover rooms, meaning rooms that have not arrival or departure on the current day, the status "dirty" will be auto-set by the system at midnight, so stayover rooms will also appear daily on the todo list. If necessary rooms may also be set manually to "dirty" if required so, e. g. after checking the room cleaning by a supervisor and found necessary to have the cleaning process repeated.

The indication of the todo list happens in 5 groups:

  • Departure/Arrival
    Rooms win which a departure and new arrival will occur the given day
  • Arrival
    Rooms that are sheduled to have an arrival for the given day, yet were not occupied the night before
  • Stayover
    Occupied rooms with arrival in the past and departure in the future
  • Departure
    Occupied rooms with sheduled departure the given day which are will not be occupied the given day again
  • Free
    Not occupied rooms

To assist maids in their daily flow for each room sheduled to depart the current day the Checkout is being indicated, so maids will instantly see if a room can be accessed for cleaning already.


On Stayovers the indicator LC (or WW in german) is indicated if a linen change is sheduled according to defined linen change intervall in settings.


(The linen change intervall may be changed for each room category individually in 3RPMS® under settings > accomodations > categories)

Additional informations
Additional informations such as reported issues or if a room is currently in the cleaning process are being displayed additional above or bellow the corresponding room.


Maids can start the cleaning process by tapping onto a room and then onto the button "start cleaning".


Once the room cleaning is completed maids may tap the button "stop cleaning". If a issue is being experienced in the room, such as a defect or a damage it may be reported through tapping the button "report issue"

As soon as a cleaning process is finished the cleaning status in the 3RPMS® calendar will be instantly updated to "clean". If an issue is reported it will be indicated in calendar by a wrench icon. Details of teh reported issue may be accessed in 3RPMS® by clicking on the cleaning status.

The recored cleaning times can be accessed through the maidConnect dashboard in 3RPMS®.

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