Create a new user/maid for maidConnect

Last Updated 5 months ago

To create a new user, please oben the user management under Settings > User Management.

Click on "add maid" in the "maidConnect" area and enter the name and email address of the new user.

Then select the hotel(s) (for multi-accounts) that the new maid should have access to and check the "Active" box:


Click on "create" to create the new user. The user will receive an invitation to create a password at the address provided.

Once a password has been created, the new user can log in directly to the maidConnect app.

Grant an existing user additional access to the maidConnect app:
If you want to grant an existing user with access to 3RPMS® additional access to the maidConnest app please open the existing user and activate the maidConnect slider. Access to the maidConnect app will then be granted using the same credentials as for 3RPMS®:


Click here to download the new maidConnect app:



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