How do I do a till close?

Last Updated 5 months ago

The cash register can be closed either from the dashboard (only users with the appropriate authorization) or directly in the cash book. In the user administration you can assign the following authorization to each user:


As soon as you start closing the cash register, the current TARGET cash balance is displayed:


Please now compare the counted ACTUAL stock with the displayed TARGET stock. If both match, select "The cash balance is correct" and click "Preview".

If the counted ACTUAL cash balance does not match the TARGET inventory, select "The cash balance does not match" and enter the counted ACTUAL inventory. The difference is then posted as a deficit or as income in the cash book when the cash register is closed.

After clicking on "Preview", the preview of the cash register closing (also called X-report) is displayed:


In order to complete the till closing click on "create" in the title bar at the top right. The final cash balance (Z report) is created and saved in an audit-proof manner.

Under Finances> Cash balances, all archived cash balances can be displayed again and printed out if necessary.

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