Preparation for activating the SALTO interface

Last Updated 2 months ago

The activation of the SALTO KS interface is carried out by our support on the day the system is installed in your house. Please inform us in good time about the installation date.

So that the interface can be activated, it is necessary to create a user in the SALTO KS backend. Please follow the steps below:

1. Please open the menu item "People"


2. Click on "Create user":


3. In step 1, please enter "3RPMS®" as the first name and "API" as the last name. Please do not select a day and confirm with "continue":


4. In step 2, please select "Site Admin" as the role and enter "" as the email. Select the other settings as shown in the figure and confirm with "continue":


5. Please confirm step 3 and step 4 simply by clicking "continue".

Please inform our support via email to as soon as you have completed the preparations.

6. Before installation, please inform your installer that 

  • the required number of users will be activated (voucher). The required minimum number is calculated as following:

    Number of (Salto-) doors x 3 + permanent users (managers, housekeeping)
  • The type of voucher required is a "Pro" voucher (a voucher of type "basic" will not enable all necessary features)

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