ℹ️ TIP: direct link to reservations in booking.com & Expedia extranet

Last Updated 2 months ago

Access to the reservation in booking.com & Expedia extranet with one click, without the hassle of searching for the reservation in the extranet.

To activate the feature, simply put in yout hotel ID of the portals in the channel manager settings.

As soon as the feature is active, the booking number (channel ID) is displayed as a link and leads directly to the reservation in booking.com/Expedia


Activate the feature under Settings > Channel Manager Settings by setting "automatically create booking origins" to "Yes" and entering your hotel ID's of the respective portals:


After setup, 3RPMS® recognizes if it is a booking.com or Expedia booking and displays the channel ID as a link that leads to the booking in the portal's extranet. if you are not logged into the respective portal at this time, the login must be performed first.

TIP: If you want to edit several bookings in a row, just leave the extranet open in another browser tab, then you won't need to log in when clicking on the channel ID.

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