How can I deactivate a room?

Last Updated 5 months ago

If you want to reduce your number of rooms, rooms can be deactivated if necessary.

A complete deletion of rooms is only possible until there is an offer, a reservation and / or an invoice for the room.

Deactivated rooms are no longer displayed in the calendar and are neither taken into account in the occupancy statistics nor in the availabilities.

A room can only be deactivated if there are no more offers and / or reservations or room closures from the current day into the future. Therefore, please move all existing bookings in the room to be deactivated either to other rooms or to the sandbox.

After moving the bookings, you can deactivate the room in the settings under Accommodation> Room by clicking on the eye:


Note: the deactivation of rooms does not automatically trigger a change in the calculation of your contract. If you want to change the number of rooms booked in your contract, please contact our support.

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