How can I create Long-Stay discounts?

Last Updated 5 years ago
A direct transfer of time graduations is not possible with any booking portal.

If you want to offer graded time, there are two options:

a) Make the setting directly in the respective booking portal (OTA)
Graduations, i.e. discounts for longer stays, can be stored in many booking portals.
These settings only apply to the respective booking portal.

b) In the Channel Manager create sub-rates for each category with corresponding restrictions
A little more complex, but stored centrally, it is in the channel manager to create sub-rates for each category. Each sub-rate is only made bookable for a certain length of stay using the restrictions. In order not to have to maintain numerous sub-installments manually, it is advisable to store inheritance with appropriate discounts.
For manual direct bookings, the discount for longer stays must be entered manually in the booking.

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